Nate is also the owner of Museum Of Shadows which is located in one of the most active and most haunted buildings in the world! Museum of shadows houses over  2000 verified haunted artifacts from around the world. Many visitors from around the world have experienced during museum tours: Seeing a full figure apparition, Disembodied voices, Items physically moving on their own, Children laughing and so much more!  

Museum of Shadows has been voted the most haunted location in the world. We encourage you to visit the museum and experience the paranormal activity first hand. 

Museum Of Shadows is a place that any seasoned paranormal investigator or enthusiast in the would agree, is a Must see. If you are looking to experience something creepy and see years of haunted items that will change the way you see good and evil, then Museum Of Shadows awaits. #museumofshadows #tripparanormal #haunted #paranormal #Nateraterman

For more information on the Museum of Shadows  please visit  or find us on social media (Museum Of Shadows)