I Founded 'TRIP PARANORMAL' in 2006 after having my first encounter with the paranormal. Not only did I have my first encounter in 2006, but I purchased a home located in western Nebraska and found that this location was a paranormal hot spot. A few months after moving in, I began to see a strange, shadow, mist like figure, along with other strange activity! (Doors opening and closing on their own, Footsteps, Disembodied voices, Appliances and power tools would turn on by themselves, and even a full figure apparition of a man in his mid 70';s was seen).

I researched my home and attached land and found out many things. The past owner did pass away in the home, a man in his mid 70s. Upon doing this research, the local city was keeping the deed and records to my home private. There was a gap in the past owners history as well as many gaps in the police records. When speaking to the city, I was told to leave it alone. It is safe to say what ever happened in that home wasn't good.

In 2006 I started receiving donations from around the world that have reported paranormal activity or some soft of spiritual attachment to them, and continue to receive items daily. Years later, I moved to Omaha, Nebraska. I am the founder and owner of the Museum Of Shadows, voted one of the MOST haunted museums in the world. The Museum of Shadows currently houses over 2500 verified haunted artifacts. One of the most intense being Ayda, voted the Most haunted doll in the world! I do have a wide range of skills as one of the world's leading investigators in the paranormal field. I am proud to say that I am also among the top five leading demonologist in the world. You may have seen me on A&E , Travel Channel , Destination America, Highlight Hollywood, the Hauntist, Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson and many more.